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1 year ago
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2 years ago
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— Yeong-hakshi’s current look reminds me of Kou in some creepy way… & I don’t like that. Even though it’s funny. >D

2 years ago
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— That awkward moment when someone titled you as a jerk, because you don’t like their OTP and call it lame, regardless of the fact he insulted your OTP earlier with some expletives & then keep on preaches about tolerance.

2 years ago
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— Next episode is actually chapter 8 of the manga, what means, we would actually get to see Ijuuin and Kirishima, even just for a few seconds, but… I bet it won’t happen.

2 years ago
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— I was thinking about the last chapters from SH and then… I was thinking about the novel. It makes so much sense, now.
2 years ago
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— I’m dying mentally right now, just because of the imagination of how wonderful they must fit together… I’m so excited. I can’t believe how much of happiness is flowing through my body, just because of them.


2 years ago
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Cassy, dear? Isn’t that wonderful? ;3;
2 years ago
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That’s definitely the best couple, Nakamura ever made up.
2 years ago
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— It broke my heart to saw Yuu cry.