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2 years ago
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— I’m dying mentally right now, just because of the imagination of how wonderful they must fit together… I’m so excited. I can’t believe how much of happiness is flowing through my body, just because of them.


2 years ago
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Cassy, dear? Isn’t that wonderful? ;3;
2 years ago
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That’s definitely the best couple, Nakamura ever made up.
3 years ago
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That looks totally like Kyo’s editor-in-chief. oô Or is it just me?
Or maybe it’s another fellow student from time in college?
Never mind. Finally, the hate speech should end, because, here fans, now you’ll get your OTP without the troublemaker. Tzz~~
3 years ago
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— There is Sekai-ichi spam on my dash. Ha Ha. I like it, even though I have to admit I was really sad watching the episode, especially when it comes to the beer scene and so on. I’ve just had to think about Takafumi and how sorry I feel for him, but I’m pretty sure, no more longer, there will be someone else for him. Only for him and I’m looking forward to it. He deserves it.
3 years ago
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— I fuckin’ love Takafumi. Why does he has to be the bad guy? Stupid OTP stuff.
3 years ago
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— どうして...?
- Masamune: Last night... What exactly did you say to Onodera?
- Takafumi: Nothing in particular.
- Masamune: You liar. He was making that kind of face at the time. You obviously said something to him. What did you do?
- Takafumi: I didn't do anything. I just told him that I was taking care of you and that he didn't need to worry about it.
- Masamune: You know... for a while now, I had been thinking... Your attitude towards Onodera... Is that because of your feelings for me?
- Takafumi: Huh? What are you talking about?
- Masamune: Yokozawa! You and I slept together in the past but at that time, we both agreed that there would never be a second time, didn't we?
- Takafumi: ..............
- Masamune: You said that you understood that, that's why up until now I was totally fine with hanging out with you just as a friend. What about you? I'm in love with Onodera. That's why, if you decide to do something to him again, even though it's you, I won't allow you to remain a friend of mine.
- Takafumi: Listen here, Masamune... You really need to open your eyes. Can't you just tell by looking at him? You, being completely wrapped around his finger, is all I can see. Because of him, have you already forgotten what you went through? You're obviously just going to hurt by him again.
- Masamune: That's not true. The reason why I became like that wasn't just because of Onodera. Things at home got rough at once, that's why things ended up that way. You know as both, a co-worker and as a friend, I think you're the best I've had. However. Who I choose to fall in love with has absolutely nothing to do with you.
- Takafumi: Even though you didn't get along well with others...
- Masamune: ............
- Takafumi: .... you let me stay by your side as your friend, even though others had hurt you. But in the end, wasn't it me who helped you get back onto your feet? After that, you took your cell phone and erased every single contact. All your contacts and yet... it was only my number that you didn't delete, right? That kind of person... isn't it normal to end up falling in love with them? When you said we should just remain friends, up until now, I figured there was nothing I could do. If I could just stay by your side, isn't it normal that I held onto the idea that one day you would come to see me in the same way? And yet, why?! Of all people, why did it have to be him?! He's the one who hurt you, right?!
- Masamune: Even though, I still love him. When I realized that it really was him, not surprisingly, I was shocked. I didn't think that I would fall in love with him all over again. But... as I work with him by my side, it feels like the past and the present no longer matter. I just think to myself: "I'm in love with him afterall."
- Takafumi: So basically... you're telling me I have no choice but to give up.
- Masamune: ............
- Takafumi: ............ I'll do my job properly. I want us to remain friends like before. But, just give me a little time.
- Masamune: Yokozawa. Sorry.
- Takafumi: ......... Don't apologize, you idiot...
3 years ago
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I absolutely admire him and his behaviour against the situation he’s in. & I honestly cannot understand why so many people hate him just because they think he’s the troublemaker. He’s not.
He has a heart and he wants to be loved. What’s the problem with that? I don’t get it. Just because he treats the oh so innocent brat not so friendly, doesn’t mean he’s the bad guy.

It’s funny how a comic is able to make you all excited and chatty. Oh. And, I didn’t want to offend Ritsu. I like him but the whole situation is tricky.